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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[GUIDE]Mysterious Camel Figurine | New TLPD

With Cataclysm there is a new Rare Mount called Reins of the Grey Riding Camel - Item - World of Warcraft . You can get it from Dormus the Camel-Hoarder - NPC - World of Warcraft but he doesnt just spawn and you can kill him, you need to be 1. lucky and 2. persistent.

How to get to Dormus:
In Uldum there are few Mysterious Camel Figurine - NPC - World of Warcraft , they are as small as a critter and look like a normal camel. If you find one yo
u can loot it and have a 5% chance to get ported to Steampools in Feralas where Dormus will spawn and you have ~20 Minutes to kill him (he has roughly 225k HP, so most of you can solo him). the other 95% the camel will fall to dust and you can loot Crumbled Statue Remnants - Item - World of Warcraft. It sells for 25g to the vendor, so a little solace for not getting ported.

How to find the little Camels:

There are 3 Methods which i will explain:

1. Oldschool -> Macro

Just create a macro with "/target Mysterious Camel Figurine" while you fly over Uldum. I would not recommend this method since u need to press your macro all the time. a good addition to the standart target macro would be:

/target Mysterious Camel Figurine
/stopmacro [noexists]
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\Creature\Ragnaros\Ragnaros Slay01.wav")
so you will hear if you find it.

2. The Addon -> NPCScan

This Addon is used for finding Raremobs without needing for everyone a macro. You will need to add the NPC ID of the Figurine which is:
You can download it here:

3. The Trackhack -> Quicktrack

Thanks to there is a trackhack called Quicktrack (you can find the thread here: ) and thanks to it is updated for 4.0.3a (Download: Tanaris Uploads - File download )

With this little program its really easy to find the little camels. just start it as admin, go to the name tab and add the name "Mysterious Camel Figurine" and it works like a charm and you will see a green dot if a Figurine is in range.

The Spawnlocations

If you look at the wowhead map you can see some spawnpoints, but i dont believe thats all.

i marked 2 areas which you should check if you fly your laps (i didnt find any figurines there but i only search for 2 days now). if someone finds a figurine in the areas pls let me know with coords and i will edit it in

Dont give up if you wont find any at your first lap, there are some theories about the spawn which you can read in the comment section of wowhead (Mysterious Camel Figurine - NPC - World of Warcraft). Some things i can acknowledge:

-) Sometimes there is no single spawn in whole uldum so there need to be a respawntimer (24 hours or higher?)

-) there can be only 1 spawn in whole uldum (tested and seems to be true, i found one but didnt looted it and fly some more laps to see if there are another)

And some screenshots:

As you can see its really tiny.

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  1. This is great thanks! This guide was extremely helpfull